Metaphysical Characteristics of Agate

Love ~ Abundance ~ Wealth ~ Good luck ~ Longevity ~ Acceptance ~ Courage and strength ~ Protection ~ Security and Safety ~ Balance ~ Harmony ~ Generosity ~ Appreciation of nature ~ Strength ~ Courage ~ Gardening

Chakra – Crown | Deity – Aesculapius | Element – Earth/Varies | Energy – Varies on color |Planet – Moon, Mercury | Zodiac – Gemini, Virgo

A Natural form of silicon dioxide, Agate is variety of Chalcedony. Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and uniting body, mind and spirit.

 Colored Agates

Banded Agate:  Energy - Projective | Element - Fire | Restores bodily energy and eases stressful situations. 

Black Agate:  Energy - Projective | Element - Fire | Wear for protection, courage and success in competition.

Black & White Agate:  Energy - Receptive | Element - Earth | Worn as an amulet protects against physical harm. 

Blue Lace Agate:  Energy - Receptive ~ Element - Water | Wear or carry for peace and happiness.

Brown or Tawny Agate:  Energy – Projective | Element – Fire | Wear for success in any undertaking.

Green Agate:  Energy – Receptive | Element – Earth | Worn to improve eye health and guard against sterility.

Moss Agate:  Energy – Receptive | Element – Earth | The Gardener’s Talisman | Wear for relief of a stiff neck and to lend energy to the depleted. 

Red Agate:  Energy – Receptive | Element – Fire | Blood Agate | Worn in ancient Rome to guard against insect bites, to heal the blood and to promote calm and peace. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Alexandrite

Love ~ Luck

Alexandrite is rare and expensive.  This stone draws luck and good fortune when worn.  It is used in love spells. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Alum


Element – Earth | Energy – Receptive |Planet – Saturn 

Place Alum in the home to guard against evil.  Historically, small pieces are also sewn into children's clothing for protection.  Alum is found in both crystal and powdered forms.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Amazonite

Luck ~ Success ~ Inspires Truth ~ Sincerity ~ Love ~ Clarity ~ Physic Vision ~ Eloquence ~ Communication ~ Prosperity

Chakra – Heart, Throat | Element – Earth | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Uranus | Zodiac – Virgo 

Amazonite is a blue-green feldspar and is a very soothing stone.  It is calming to the nervous system and brain.  It calms emotional and physical traumas and relieves worry. It is a good stone for balancing masculine and feminine energies.  Amazonite absorbs microwaves and protects against electromagnetic pollution.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Amber

Love ~ Cleansing ~ Healing ~ Joy ~ Patience ~ Beauty ~ Strength ~ Wisdom

Chakra – Throat, Sacral, Solar Plexus | Deity - The Great Mother | Element – Fire, Akasha | Energy –Projective | Planet – Sun | Zodiac – Leo, Aquarius

Amber is not a stone, but fossilized coniferous tree resin from the Oligocene epoch.  It often contains plant materials and insects, in either full or fragmented forms.  It is perhaps the oldest substance used for human adornment.  Amber has been found in human graves dating from 8000BCE.  Amber can be warm to the touch unlike stones that are usually cool to touch.  Therefore it was thought to contain the very essence of life itself.  Since it was once a living substance it is connected to the element of Akasha, the fifth element.  Akasha governs and binds together earth, air, water and fire and is the ultimate source of each.  

In Wicca, Amber is often combined with Jet, as these stones represent the Goddess and the God. Magical uses for Amber are many and varied.  


Metaphysical Characteristics of Amethyst

Protection ~ Spiritual Awareness ~ Healing ~ Courage ~ Happiness ~ Meditation ~ Balance ~ Stress Relief ~ Peaceful Sleep ~ Prophetic Dreams ~ Justice

Chakra – Third Eye | Deity - Bacchus, Dionysus, Diana | Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Jupiter, Neptune | Zodiac – Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces | Birthstone - February | Anniversary - 6th

The Amethyst is the stone of peace.  In times of stress hold an Amethyst in your dominant hand and let its peaceful vibrations sink into you. Wear Amethyst against your skin for protection and to avoid stress and calm emotional storms.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Aquamarine

 Courage ~  Purification ~ Psychism ~ Peace ~ Safe Travel on Water ~ Inner Power ~ Soothing ~ Inspiration ~ Alertness of the Mind

Chakra – Throat | Deity - Various Water Deities Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Jupiter, Neptune | Zodiac – Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces | Birthstone - March | Anniversary - 19th

Aquamarine is a semi-precious variety of beryl is pale blue-green in color. It is worn to heighten the use of psychic powers. The stone can be held, worn against the skin or bathed with, to cleanse and enhance magical acts. Wear as a protective amulet while sailing or flying over water. 



Metaphysical Characteristics of Adventurine

 Mental Powers ~ Eyesight ~ Prosperity ~ Peace ~ Luck ~ Healing ~ Creativity ~ Independence ~ Fertility 

Chakra – Heart | Deity - Cupra, Etruscan Fertility Goddess Element – Air | Energy – Projective | Planet – Mercury | Zodiac – Aries, Leo | Birthstone - Gemini | Anniversary - 8th

Adventurine comes in several colors.  Typically green, but may be blue, orange/red, brown, yellow or gray.  Green Adventurine is a popular gambler's talisman. 

In addition to the generic healing properties of Aventurine, specific colors have additional attributes: 

Blue Adventurine:  Chakra - Third Eye, Heart | Overcoming Addiction ~ Meditation ~ Clearing Energies ~ Inner Growth

Green Aventurine:  Chakra - Heart | Healing ~ Clears Electromagnetic Pollution ~ Positive Thought ~ Calming  

Yellow Aventurine:  Chakra - Sacral, Solarplexius | Balance ~ Power ~ Self Control ~ Confidence ~ Prosperity ~ Creativity


Metaphysical Characteristics of Azurite

Psychism ~ Dreams ~ Divination ~ Healing ~ Channeling ~ Clarity

Chakra – Third Eye, Crown, Throat | Deity - Warrior Gods Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Venus | Zodiac – Aquarius, Sagittarius | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - NA 

Folk Names:  Lapis Linguis, Lapis Lingua

Azurite is often found in nature mixed with Malachite, a light to dark green stone. This combination is an excellent conductor of energy.  Azurite is cobalt blue to deep azure in color.  It has long been used to assist and increase physic powers.  Place beneath the pillow for prophetic dreams. Also used in healing magic. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Beryl

Beryl is a family of stones with rich energy such as:  Aquamarine (blue/green), Bixbite (red), Emerald (green), Morganite (pink), Heliodor (yellow), Goshenite (white).  

Psychism ~ Healing ~ Love ~ Energy ~ Discretion ~ Protection ~ Motivation

Chakra – Third Eye | Deity - Poseidon, Neptune,  Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Moon | Zodiac – Aquarius, Sagittarius | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - NA 

In Ireland scryers who used beryl spheres were known as Speculari.  Ancient people also used beryl in rituals to bring rain.  Beryl has also been used to protect against "fascination", or mental manipulation from those who would take advantage of the wearer.  If you have lost an object, hold Beryl in your hands, still your mind and focus on the object.  Follow your mind's psychic impressions to locate the object. 

Also see the characteristics of individual stones from the beryl family.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Bloodstone

Healing Bleeding ~ Victory ~ Courage ~ Love ~ Abundance ~ Strength ~ Organization ~ Generosity ~ Purification ~ Prosperity

Chakra – Base | Deity - NA Element – Fire, Earth | Energy – Projective | Planet – Mars | Zodiac – Aries, Libra, Pisces | Birthstone - March | Anniversary - NA Typical colours - Dark green / greenish-blue with small red blood-like spots

Typical colors - Dark green / greenish-blue with small red blood-like spots

Folk Names:  Heliotrope

Bloodstone is a green chalcedony flecked with red spots.  Its most famous use is to help stop bleeding.  Although this was considered magical, it is more likely that the pressure and cool surface of the stone held to the wound assisted in this cure.  A bloodstone kept in the cash register will draw money.  This is also true if carried in the pocket or wallet.  Since food was  equal to abundance historically, during the Middle Ages, bloodstone was also a farmer's talisman.  In the 13th century, bloodstones engraved with the image of a bat were worn for invisibility by magicians. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Calcite

Spirituality ~ Centering ~ Peace ~ Love ~ Healing ~ Purification ~ Money ~ Protection ~ Energy 

Calcite, a transparent crystal, is found in many colors including clear, green, pink, orange and blue.  Each color has varied uses and characteristics in addition to the general ones above. 

Clear Calcite:  Worn during spirituality rituals.  Perfect for focus and contemplation during meditation.  Clear calcite is also used in many optical products today due to the property of double refraction.   

Chakra – All | Element – Water| Energy – Receptive | Planet -Moon | Zodiac – Cancer | Birthstone - March 

Pink Calcite (Mango Calcite):  Used in love rituals, pink calcite is calming and centering.  It can assist with connections to the angelic realm. 

Chakra – Heart | Element – Water| Energy – Receptive | Planet -Venus | Zodiac – Cancer, Libra, Taurus | Birthstone - NA

Blue Calcite :  Blue Calcite has healing properties.  Wear against skin or place between flaming purple candles.  Also used for purification ceremonies.  

Chakra - Heart | Element - Water | Energy - Receptive | Planet - Venus

Green Calcite:  Use green calcite to draw money into the household. Place between 2 green flaming candles for a few minutes each morning.  It is also helpful for achieving mental balance.

Chakra - Heart | Element - Earth | Energy - Receptive | Planet - Venus | Zodiac - Cancer, Virgo

Orange Calcite:  Orange calcite is a protective stone.  It also lends energy to the body when held or worn against the skin. Helps to integrate the body and the mind.  When meditating while holding orange calcite, insights to lethargy or lack of motivation may become clearer.   Powerful energy amplifier and cleanser, and is said to remove karmic hooks.

Chakra - Root, Sacral | Element -  Fire | Energy - Projective | Planet - Sun | Zodiac - Cancer & Leo


Metaphysical Characteristics of Carnelian

Protection ~ Peace ~ Eloquence ~ Healing ~ Courage ~ Sensual Energies ~ Past Life Recall ~ Creativity ~ Initiative

Chakra – Sacral | Deity - NA Element – Fire, Earth | Energy – Projective | Planet – Sun | Zodiac – Cancer, Leo | Birthstone - April | Anniversary - NA | Typical colours - Deep Red, translucent or dense.

Used in ancient times to protect the dead in their journey to the afterlife, it is also used to oust depression, worry and fears. Carnelian strengthens astral vision.  Wear to bed to halt nightmares. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Cat's Eye/Chatoyancy

Wealth ~ Beauty ~ Gambling ~ Protection ~ Healing ~ Intuition ~ Happiness

Chakra – NA | Deity - NA Element – Earth | Energy – Projective | Planet – Venus | Zodiac – Capricorn, Taurus, Aries | Birthstone - NA| Anniversary - NA | Typical colors - Multiple, Can appear in numerous stones

Cat's Eye is a name applied to numerous stones that exhibit a moving luminous opalescence. Most usually a chrysoberyl or  quartz containing olive green asbestos. Cat's Eye is thought to preserve youth and beauty. Also used in money spells, it is often kept with money for this purpose.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Celestite/Celestine

Rationality ~ Balance ~ Communication ~ Harmony ~ Dream Recall ~ Compassion ~ Healing ~ Eloquence

Chakra – NA | Deity - NA Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Venus, Neptune | Zodiac – Gemini | Birthstone - NA| Anniversary - NA | Typical colors - Blue, Blue/White

Celestite is an excellent stone to give as a gift in the spirit of love and with the blessing of respect.  It promotes a pleasant disposition, and clarity in communication.  It is also a stone for astral travel.  An excellent stone to wear in the pursuit of bliss.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Ceruleite

Intuition ~ Good Fortune ~ Attaining Goals ~ Overcoming Fear of Water/Drowning ~ Employment ~ Advancement

Chakra – NA | Deity - NA Element – Air, Water | Energy – NA| Planet –  | Zodiac – Taurus | Birthstone - NA| Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Blue

This beautiful and rare stone was named for the Latin word caeruleus, meaning “sky blue,”in reference to the mineral’s common color. Ceruleite is found in Chile, Bolivia, England and Namibia, and is often found as a post mine product. It is helpful when seeking employment, enabling one to attain high positions.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Cerussite

Grounding ~ Adaptation ~ Communication ~ Cooperation ~ Sleep ~ Vitality ~ Magic ~ Confidence

Chakra – Root, Crown | Deity - NA Element – NA | Energy – NA| Planet – NA | Zodiac – Virgo | Birthstone - NA| Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Clear, White, Gray, Brown, Smoky, Green

Often confused with diamonds, this beautiful stone is too soft to wear as a gemstone and is mainly for collection and personal use.  Cerussite stimulates balance between the right and left brain, encouraging creativity and ingenuity. A good stone for alleviating introversion and inspiring confidence. Cerussite can be helpful in recognition of those in our past lives.  


Metaphysical Characteristics of Chabazite

Centering ~ Higher Learning ~ Rejuvenation ~ Tenacity ~ Endurance

Chakra – NA | Deity - NA Element – Earth | Energy – NA| Planet – NA | Zodiac – Virgo | Birthstone - NA| Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Red, Peach, Orange, White

Too soft to be of use in jewelry, Chabazite is generally collected for personal metaphysical use.  This rare mineral stone is known to assist in meditation. It helps to focus on area in life that need improvement. Comforts and stabilizes addictive personalities, and provides initiative to take control of one's life.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Chalcedony

Peace ~ Alleviates Nightmares ~ Protection ~ Luck ~ Endurance ~ Generosity ~ Friendliness ~ Vitality

Chakra – Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra | Deity - NA Element – Water | Energy – Receptive| Planet – Moon | Zodiac – Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius| Birthstone - NA| Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Varies

Chalcedony is a member of the quartz family. It sometimes contains a bit of Opal.  Several other stones are in the Chalcedony family, including Agate, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Flint, Jasper, Onyx, and Petrified Wood.  It is a stone to encourage brotherly love among all.  During the Renaissance practitioners of magic would carve the stone with the figure of a man holding up his right hand for luck when involved in law suits. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Chrysocolla

Peace ~ Love ~ Wisdom ~ Communication ~ Balance ~ Inner Strength ~ Insight ~ Gentleness ~ Harmony ~ Creativity ~ Meditation ~ Acceptance

Chakra – Throat | Deity - NA Element – Water | Energy – Receptive| Planet – Venus | Zodiac – Taurus, Gemini, Virgo | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Blue/Green

Chrysocolla can assist with the communication with the spiritual forces of the Earth. It helps one attune to the universe.  When worn it grants discretion and wisdom.  Holding it in one's hand, it has been believed to drive off irrational fears and worry, and calm emotions.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Citrine

Happiness ~ Generosity ~ Creativity ~ Anti-Nightmare ~ Confidence ~ Stability ~ Spiritual Growth ~ Truth Protection ~ Strength ~ Wealth

Chakra – Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown | Deity - NA Element – Fire | Energy –Projective | Planet – Sun | Zodiac – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra | Birthstone - November | Anniversary - 13th | Typical Colors - Yellow, Golden Brown, Burnt Amber

Citrine, often called "the stone of happiness", is rare in that it never needs to be cleansed. It is one of only two minerals on the planet that does not hold negative energy, but dissipates it, using it's own positive projective energy.  Citrine is also known as the "merchant's stone" as placing a piece of Citrine in the cash box it is said to drawn and maintain wealth. It is an excellent stone for clearing the aura, and diminishing the "muddy areas" both emotional and physical.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Coral

Healing ~ Protection ~ Peace ~ Wisdom ~ Love ~ Enthusiasm ~ Safe Travel on Water ~ Optimism ~ Relaxation

Chakra – Base | Deity - Isis, Venus, Great Mother Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Venus | Zodiac – Taurus, Pisces | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - 35th | Typical Colors - Pink, Red, White, Black, Blue

Coral has played a major role in religious rites throughout the Pacific Islands for centuries.  It is thought throughout the Mediterranean that Coral contains the "life essence".  Coral is a living sea creature, not a mineral or plant.  It's harvest and use has decreased thankfully through environmental intervention. Coral is considered a very protective stone and is placed on the graves of loved ones to guard against evil spirits.  It has also been planted with crop seeds to protect the fields from inclement weather and insects.  Fruit trees have been decorated with strands of coral due to the same belief that the harvest would be protected.  To draw love....rim pink candles with red coral and burn them while focusing on the object of your affection.

In addition to the characteristics above, different colors of Coral have different qualities as well.

Black Coral:  Zodiac - Capricorn, Scorpio | Dispels fear of darkness ~ Imparts Tranquility ~ Stone of Regeneration and Purification

Blue Coral:  Zodiac - Sagittarius, Aquarius | Chakra - Throat, Naval | Illuminates Third Eye ~ Success in Commerce

Pink Coral:  Zodiac - Cancer | Chakra - Heart | Continuity ~ Structure ~ Caring

Red Coral:  Zodiac - Libra | Chakra - Base | Harmony ~ Wisdom ~ Protection from Depression

White Coral:  Zodiac - Pisces | Chakra - Crown | Clairvoyance ~ Stimulates Energy Flow ~ Opens, Clears and Aligns Chakras


Metaphysical Characteristics of Cowrie Shell

 Birth/Rebirth ~ Creativity ~ Advanced Learning ~ Self Improvement ~ Good Fortune ~ Wealth

Chakra – Sacral | Deity - Various Water Goddesses Element – Water | Energy –NA| Planet – NA | Zodiac – Pisces | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Varies

The Cowrie Shell is recognized as an ancient symbol for creation, birth and rebirth.  It inspires excellence and creativity. It provides both intuitive and intellectual control, and aids in artistic pursuits.  It was also used to display wealth, (sewn onto clothing, made into jewelry) and for trading purposes by Native American Coastal Indians.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Crystal Quartz

There are literally dozens of different types and colors of Crystal Quartz, each with their own qualities and characteristics. I will list a few of them here and encourage you to continue to research these amazing magical stones! Of the colored forms of Quartz, many are covered separately under Amethyst, Aventurine, Cat's Eye, Citrine, Jasper, Rutilated Quartz and Tourmaline - just to name some of them. 

Folk Names - Crystal, Witch's Mirror, Star Stone, Iris

Protection ~ Healing ~ Psychism ~ Power ~ Energy Clearing ~ Magic

Chakra – Varies | Deity - NA Element – Fire, Water | Energy – Varies | Planet – Varies | Zodiac – Pisces | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Varies

Clear Quartz:  Zodiac - All Birth Signs | Chakra - Crown | Element - All | Energy - Projective and Reflective | Planet - Sun | Harmony ~ Energy ~ Healing ~ Psychic Ability ~ Clarity ~ Calmness

Blue Quartz:  Energy - Receptive | Peace ~ Tranquility

Green Quartz:  Energy - Receptive | Prosperity ~ Creativity

Herkimer Diamonds:  Energy - Projective | Miniature, double terminated quartz crystals. Makes good substitute for diamonds in magic.

Rose Quartz:  Energy - Receptive | Chakra - Heart | Peace ~ Happiness ~ Love ~ Fidelity 

Rutilated Quartz:  Energy - Projective | Energy ~ Magic

Smoky Quartz:  Energy - Receptive | Grounding ~ Positive Energy

Tourmalated Quartz:  Energy - Projective | Astral Projection ~ Meditation

** For more details on all Quartz I recommend:  LOVE IS IN THE EARTH by Melody page 503-556 **


Metaphysical Characteristics of Diamond

Purity ~ Spirituality ~ Protection ~ Courage ~ Love ~ Peace ~ Abundance ~ Healing ~ Strength

Chakra – Crown | Deity - Tears of  the Gods Element – Fire | Energy – Projective | Planet – Sun, Venus | Zodiac – Aires, Taurus, Leo | Birthstone - April | Anniversary - 60th | Typical Colors - Clear White, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Black

It is said the diamond was first discovered by Europeans in an African shaman's leather pouch.  They were said to aid in the shaman's ritual state of consciousness.  It is often used in meditation.  In Rome diamonds were set in steel rings and worn with the stone touching the skin to enhance strength in competitions. Similarly, it was worn as a talisman against cowardice. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Emerald

Love ~ Money ~ Memory ~ Joy ~ Intuition ~ Healing ~ Serenity~ Clairvoyance

Chakra – Heart | Deity - Isis, Venus, Ceres, Vishnuu Element – Earth | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Venus, Mercury | Zodiac – Aires, Taurus, Gemini, Libra | Birthstone - May | Anniversary - 20th | Typical Colors - Green

The emerald has long been known as a stone of love and money.  It is also worm to enhance memory.  The lovely green stone is said to grant all knowledge of the past, present and future - and so is a stone used for clairvoyance as well.  Emeralds are often utilized in business spells and rituals to increase public awareness and promote sales.  


Feldspar is the name for a family of silicates that are related in crystalline structures and chemical compositions. 

Some of them are: Albite, Adularia, Amazonite, Azulcite, Labradorite, Moonstone, Oligoclase, Orthoclase, Paracelsian and Sunstone. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Flint

Protection ~ Healing ~ Divination ~ Thought Transference 

Chakra – All, including Earth Star | Deity - N/A Element – Fire | Energy – Receptive & Projective| Planet – Mars | Zodiac – N/A | Birthstone - N/A | Anniversary - N/A | Typical Colors - Opaque Gray/Brown/Striped

Flint has been used for protection for centuries. Known as Thunderstone, Elfshot, and Fairyshot, the Irish would set flint knives in silver to guard against the fairies.   It is also known to heighten two way clairvoyant communication.  Flint is still used today in Brazil for divining gold, gems and water. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Fluorite

Mental Power ~ Aura Cleansing ~ Protection ~ Concentration ~ Balance

Chakra – Heart | Deity - N/A Element – Air, Water | Energy – Projective | Planet –  N/A | Zodiac – Capricorn, Pieces | Birthstone - N/A | Anniversary - N/A | Typical Colors - Colorless, White, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Blue/Green, Pink, Red

Fluorite is a mineral composed of Calcium Fluoride. A modern stone compared to most, it's characteristics are still being discovered. Fluorite smooths thought over anger and depression and quells strong emotions. 

Each color of Fluorite has specific characteristics. 

Blue Fluorite:  Helps to maintain orderly thought. Produces a calm energy and clear communicative skills.  

Colorless Fluorite:  Stimulates the Crown Chakra. Balances spiritual nature, and clears one's aura.

Green Fluorite:  Brings freshness and renewal to all Chakras.  Diminishes mild mental and emotional trauma.  Eliminates negativity. 

Purple Fluorite:  Is a third eye stone, assisting in psychic communication.  Connects psychic and spiritual growth. 

Yellow Fluorite: Enhances creativity to intellectual pursuits. Stabilizes group energy, enhancing positive communication.  Provides recognition of the structure of love between all that exists.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Fossils

Elemental Power ~ Past Life Regression ~ Protection ~ Longevity

Folk Names:  Sponge, Witch Stone, Ammonite, Snake Stone, Draconites

Chakra – N/A | Deity - N/A Element – Akasha | Energy – N/A | Planet –  N/A | Zodiac –N/A | Birthstone - N/A | Anniversary - N/A | Typical Colors - Varies

Because they were once living, fossils are linked with Akasha, the fifth element.  Fossils represent time, eternity and evolution.  Ritual use of fossils is anchient. They are used to amplify energy and are still used in rituals and by shamans today, and often found on Wiccan altars.   


Metaphysical Characteristics of Garnet

Healing ~ Protection ~ Strength ~ Passion ~ Love ~ Inspiration ~ Success ~ Sensuality ~ Vigor 

Chakra – Base, Heart | Deity - N/A Element – Fire | Energy – Projective | Planet –  Mars | Zodiac –Aries, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn | Birthstone - January | Anniversary - 2nd | Typical Colors - Red, Orange, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Green

Five hundred years ago garnets were worn to fight off demons and ghosts.  A lion carved into the garnet was thought to protect health, especially during travel. Garnets extract negative energy from the Chakras.  A stone of passion and love it has been called "the stone of commitment".  Garnets given by friends at parting magically ensures they will meet again. Garnets can also be used to reduce bad Karma. 


Amethyst Geode with Quartz
Brazilian Opal Geode


Meditation ~ Fertility ~ Childbirth

Folk Names:  Eagle Stone, Thunder Egg

Chakra – Varies | Deity - Great Mother Goddess Element – Water| Energy – Receptive | Planet –  Varies | Zodiac – Varies | Birthstone - N/A | Anniversary - N/a | Typical Colors - Varies

Geodes are rocks containing crystals. They are often elongated and can go from the size of your palm to many feet long.  The pictures above are of an amethyst geode containing quartz, and a Brazilian opal geode.  Geodes can contain virtually any type of crystals/gems. Any Geode containing isolated crystals can be held during meditation as a contemplated object.  The most common known ritual use of the geode is to place it in the bedroom to increase fertility and easy childbirth.  Each geode contains the metaphysical characteristics of the crystals/gems inside. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Goldstone

Vitality ~ Ambition ~ Courage ~ Creativity

Folk Names:  Eagle Stone, Thunder Egg

Chakra – Root/Sacral | Deity - N/AElement – N/A | Energy – N/A | Planet –  Varies | Zodiac – Varies | Birthstone - N/A | Anniversary - N/A | Typical Colors - Varies but with metallic flecks

In the world of gemstones and semi-precious stones there are always a few synthetics in the mix. Goldstone is a synthetic, man made stone.  It's sparkle is due to flecks of copper. Therefore it is associated with the metaphysical characteristics of copper.  It does have some metaphysical characteristics of it's own.  Be careful when purchasing "Sunstone", Lapis Lazuli, and other flecked stones.  Unscrupulous sellers have been known to sell Goldstone instead of these genuine natural stones.  A good reminder for us that the buyer beware! 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Hematite

Healing ~ Protection ~ Divination ~ Protection ~ Grounding ~ Focus

Also spelled Haematite

Chakra – All/Root | Deity - N/AElement – Fire/Earth | Energy – Projective| Planet –  Saturn, Mars, Mercury | Zodiac – Aries, Aquarius | Birthstone - December, March | Anniversary - N/A | Typical Colors - Black, Steel Gray, Silver Gray, Brown, Red/Brown, Red

Hematite is the mineral form of Iron Oxide.  It is a heavy stone, very solid and shiny.  It has an odd property of "healing itself".  Make a scratch on the stone and rub your finger over it... likely it will have disappeared. It is also used in scrying.  Light a red candle and hold a piece of hematite so the flame is reflected in the stone. Gaze at the reflection. Think of a question and the answer will come to you. 



Metaphysical Characteristics of Howlite

Power ~ Healing ~ Calming ~ Inspiration ~ Creativity ~ Patience

Chakra – Throat, Third Eye, Crown| Deity - N/AElement – Air| Energy – N/A| Planet – Earth | Zodiac – Gemini | Birthstone - N/A| Anniversary - N/A | Typical Colors - White with Gray & Black Veins; Often dyed to resemble other stones.

  Beautiful in it's natural state, howlite is a calming stone, an aid to insomnia, it calms the over active mind to bring sleep.   It is also known to ease confrontations and boisterous behaviors. It increases patience and calms communications, heightens awareness and inspires emotional expression.  For fun it can be dyed easily to create more "colorful" stones. Howlite has been know as "The Great Turquoise Impostor" as it is often dyed to resemble turquoise.  As always, buyer beware!


Metaphysical Characteristics of Iolite

Love ~ Power ~ Healing ~ Inner Strength ~ Leadership

Chakra – Third Eye | Deity - N/AElement – Water | Energy – N/A| Planet – Earth | Zodiac – Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius | Birthstone - N/A| Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Blue, Violet, Yellow/Brown, Transparent, Translucent

Iolite is also known as Cordierite and Water Sapphire. It is used by shamans -  usually worn as a ring to to ensure accuracy within their visions. It balances the male and female aspects of one's character, and eliminates discord in relationships. It is said to be helpful to understand and release the causes of addictive behaviors. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Jade

Love ~ Healing ~ Longevity ~ Wisdom ~ Protection ~ Gardening ~ Prosperity ~ Peace ~ Moderation ~ Harmony

Chakra – Heart  | Deity - Kwan Yin, Maat, Buddha | Element – Water, Earth | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Venus | Zodiac – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra | Birthstone - N/A| Anniversary - 12th | Typical Colors - White, Pale to Dark Green, Blue, Lavender, Pink

Jade is a sacred stone in China.  For centuries it has been formed into alters, deities and even musical instruments.  Jade is believed to have power over the weather, being thrown with great force into the water to bring rain or snow. Wear for prosperity in a charged ring or pendant, concentrate with positive attitude toward money and your using that money positively and creatively.  


Metaphysical Characteristics of Jasper

Healing ~ Protection ~ Health ~ Beauty ~ Relaxation ~ Tranquility 

Chakra – Varies  | Deity - NA | Element – Varies | Energy – Varies| Planet –Mars | Zodiac – Varies | Birthstone - N/A| Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - All

The many colors and patterns of Jasper each have their own characteristics.  In general jasper provides protection against negative energy.  It is a balancing stone and encourages honesty with one's self.  Native Americans use jasper ritually to bring rain. Perfectly carved arrowheads of jasper are worn for luck.

Black Jasper:  Base Chakra | Excellent for grounding energies.

Brecciated Jasper:  Base & Sacral Chakra | Zodiac - Aries, Scorpio | Contains Hematite | Encourages empathy and communication with animals.

Dalmation Jasper:  Base Chakra| Zodiac - Virgo | Removes illusions ~ Brings a "sense of fun" to life. ~ Increases loyalty in relationships.

Fancy Jasper:  Variation of colors from brown, red, orange, yellow, green, white & lilac | Relieves fear and frustration helping to build inner strength. ~ Use to bring a sense of "wholeness" to an environment or situation. 

Green Jasper:  Heart Chakra | Energy - Receptive | Planet - Venus| Halts hallucinations and promotes restful sleep. ~ Heals and releases mental disease and obsession.

Kambaba Jasper:  Also known as Crocodile Jasper | Fossilized Stromatolite Algae| Heart Chakra | Zodiac - Scorpio  | Brings wisdom and diplomacy. ~ Assists in seeing and interpreting auras. 

Leopard Jasper:  Base, Heart & Crown Chakras | Zodiac - Gemini | Element - Earth | Assists in connecting with one's animal spirit. ~ Associated with spiritual and shaman travel. 

Mookaite Jasper:  Heart, Solar Plexus & Base Charkras | Colors - Pink, Red & Yellow | Nurturing ~ Grounding ~ Shielding | Helpful in sustaining during times of stress.  Provides protection against negative or dangerous situations.

Ocean Jasper / Orbicular Jasper:  Zodiac - Capricorn | Instills patience ~ Helps to accept responsibilities.

Picasso Jasper:  Resembles beautiful paintings | Zodiac - Leo| Encourages one to celebrate and enjoy life ~ Attracts loyal and trusted friends ~ Strong grounding and calming qualities.

Picture Jasper:  This stone contains a "picture" or message from the past | Zodiac - Leo | Brings hidden thoughts and feelings to the surface to be released ~ Stimulates creative visualizations ~ Brings comfort and alleviates fear. 

Red Jasper: Base Chakra | Energy - Projective | Planet - Mars | Element - Fire | Protective stone ~ Aids in dream recall ~ Often used as a "worry stone" as it calms the emotions. 

Yellow Jasper: Solar Plexus Chakra | Element - Air | Protective stone ~ Nurtures and calms nerves and emotion. 

Jasper was one of the first stones I ever worked with and still one of my favorites.  Please see my sources page to find more information on the many variations of this wonderful stone.  If you are ever in the area,Jasper Beach, located in Machias, ME is a wonder to see... just don't take the rocks please!



Metaphysical Characteristics of Jet

Protection ~ Peaceful Dreams ~ Luck ~ Divination ~ Health

Chakra – NA | Deity - Cybele | Element – Earth, Akasha | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Saturn | Zodiac – NA | Birthstone - N/A| Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Black

Jet is fossilized wood, millions of years old. It is a black, glass-like stone.  Thought to be very powerful it was carefully guarded at one time lest it get into the wrong hands.  Not a stone to wear continually as it is said to absorb one's soul. In Wicca jet is often combined with amber, to represent the God and Goddess.  Place under the pillow to drive off nightmares.  A small piece of jet is sometimes momentarily placed on a baby's belly for protection. A traveler's stone as well, worn to ward off dangers in strange places.  Much of what is sold as jet today is actually black glass, so again, buyer beware! 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Kunzite

Relaxation ~ Peace ~ Grounding ~ Purity 

Chakra – Heart ~ Throat ~ Third Eye~ Aligns Chakras | Deity - Minerva | Element – Earth~ Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Venus, Pluto | Zodiac – NA | Birthstone - February | Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Pastels ~ Yellow, Green, Pink/Purple, Clear

Kunzite is a relatively "modern" stone, not mentioned in ancient rituals. The purple colored stones are usually of the best quality, but the color will fade if left in sunlight too long.  Hold Kunzite to release stress, for grounding and soothing tense muscles.  Keep it in the car for relaxation during traffic jams. Kunzite will help one "come down to Earth".  It's calming affects are felt almost immediately when held or worn.  


Metaphysical Characteristics of Labradorite

Transformation ~ Strength ~ Willpower ~ Calming ~ Stimulates Imagination

Chakra – Base | Deity - Cailleach ~ Inanna | Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Moon, Uranus | Zodiac – Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius | Birthstone - August, October, February | Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Pale Green, Blue, Grey/White, Colorless, Some Iridescent Blue or Gold Flashes

Labradorite is a stone of transformations.  It brings light and understanding to the soul of the wearer.  It serves to protect one's aura and keep the aura clear, balanced and protected.  It stimulates strong physic communications.  Place a piece under your pillow at night to allow it's energy to flow to your aura for an extended time period each day.  It is also a powerful truth stone revealing illusions vs. truths.  It stimulates the imagination helping to develop new ideas and enthusiasm.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Lapis Lazuli

Healing ~ Joy ~ Love ~ Fidelity ~ Psychism ~ Protection ~ Courage

Chakra –  Throat ~ Third Eye | Deity - Isis, Venus, Nuit | Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Venus | Zodiac – Taurus, Sagittarius | Birthstone - December| Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Deep Blue Flecked with Gold (Pyrite)

Lapis Lazuli has timeless associations with Kings and Queens.  Often used as signature seals by them.  Carrying it was believed to give the possessor the potent magical power of a deity.  Some say the stone contains the soul of a deity who would "rejoice in it's owner".  An uplifting, spiritual stone it is a good stone for meditation, and stimulates gentleness in it's wearer.  Most commonly used today to strengthen physic awareness.  It is widely worn in India by children as a protective stone. 


Lava Stone, Ruby & Hematite Earrings by Full Moon Jewelry 

Metaphysical Characteristics of Lava Rock (Basalt)

Protection ~ Grounding ~ Passion ~ Assertiveness ~

Chakra –  Root  | Deity - Pele ~ Kukailmoku | Element – Fire ~ Earth | Energy – Projective | Planet – Mars | Zodiac – Taurus, Sagittarius | Birthstone - December| Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Black, Grey, Red, Blue

Lava rock comes from volcanoes, ancient symbols of creation.  Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, destruction and creation is very jealous over her stones.  Taking her stones without first giving a offering (modern day offerings include bottles of gin) and asking permission is still considered to be bad luck.  A small piece of lava carried or placed on your alter is a potent protective amulet.  For home protection, ring a white candle with lava and burn for 15 minutes a day. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Lepidolite

Peace ~ Spirituality ~ Luck ~ Transition ~ Protection 

Chakra –  Throat ~ Heart ~ Third Eye ~ Inner Blue Lotus | Deity - Zeus ~ Persephone | Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Jupiter ~ Neptune | Zodiac – Libra | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Lilac ~ Rose/Violet

Lepidolite is a member of the Mica group, and is a lithium bearing mineral.  It is recognized as a stone of transition.  It releases old patterns, allowing calm during transitions. This can be very helpful in transitions to end addictions or other harmful behaviors.  Lepidolite is most often carried rather than being set in jewelry.  Lepidolite is a very powerful spiritual stone.  It offers aid in shamanic journeying and access to the Akashic records on the astral plane. 



Metaphysical Characteristics ofMagnesite

 Visualization ~ Peace ~ Purification ~ Meditation ~ Grounding

Chakra –  Crown Chakra | Deity - NA | Element – NA | Energy – Projective | Planet – NA | Zodiac – Aries | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Colorless ~ White ~ Pale Brown ~ Faintly Pink or Lilac Rose

Magnesite is a wonderful meditation stone as it instills deep peace and a calming sense to the emotions.  It also enhances visualization and imagery.  Said to produce dynamic ideas when placed on the Third Eye Chakra; it also opens the Heart Chakra, enhancing heartfelt love.  As a grounding stone it brings all forms of self-deceit to the surface and once dealt with encourages a positive attitude toward life.  Magnesite is often dyed to resemble turquoise or other stones.


Metaphysical Characteristics ofMagnetite

Luck ~ Health ~ Strength ~ Endurance ~ Intuition ~ Spiritual Growth

Chakra –  Base | Deity - NA | Element – Earth | Energy – Receptive | Planet – NA | Zodiac – Aries | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Grey, Black, Metallic

Magnetite is naturally magnetic and has strong positive-negative polarity.  It temporarily aligns the chakras.  It can be used to dispel grief, fear, anger and attachments. Known as the "stone of stability", balancing the emotions with the intellect.  It also provides energy conducive to entering and maintaining a deep meditative state. Magnetite also enhances the connection between the user and the nurturing aspects of the Earth.  It provides protection to the environment of healers and to healing situations. 


Metaphysical Characteristics ofMalachite

Power ~ Protection ~ Love ~ Peace ~ Business Success ~ Balances Moods

Chakra –  Heart ~ Throat | Deity - Isis | Element – Earth | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Venus | Zodiac – Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn | Birthstone - January | Anniversary - 13th  | Typical Colors - Opaque Green, Banded with Light to Very Dark Green

Malachite is a very strong and important protection stone.  It assists in clearing all chakras and aids in stimulating the Heart & Throat Chakras.  It helps one to take responsibility for their actions, circumstances and reality and helps along the path to understanding and retribution.  Malachite also absorbs negative energies and opens the heart to unconditional love. A piece placed under the pillow is said to stimulate dreams.  



Metaphysical Characteristics ofMica

Protection ~ Divination ~ Reflection

Chakra – NA | Deity - Minerva| Element – Air | Energy – Projective | Planet – Moon | Zodiac – Aquarius | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary - NA | Typical Colors - Colorless, Brown/Gray, Violet/Pink

Mica is most often carried for general protection, but also facilitates clarity in visions.  It allows one to recognize the flaws of humanity in society, while remaining open-hearted enough to love humanity.  It aids in self reflection and allows one to see that "in each person you see but the reflection of that which you choose to have that person be".   In other words, it brings forth preconceptions and allows one to reflect upon such in yourself and others.  My  home is surrounded by Mica and my black cat loves to roll in it and so he and my home are usually very sparkly.  


Moonstone & Lapis Necklace by FMJ

Metaphysical Characteristics of Moonstone

Love ~ Divination ~ Sleep ~ Gardening ~ Protection ~ Ancient Wisdom ~ Happiness ~ Nurturing ~ Safe Travel ~ Introspection 

Chakra – Third Eye ~ Solar Plexus | Deity - Isis ~ Diana ~ Selene ~ All Lunar Goddesses | Element – Water | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Moon | Zodiac – Cancer ~ Libra ~ Scorpio | Birthstone - June | Anniversary - 3rd | Typical Colors - White, Cream, Yellow, Blue, Gray, Peach/Pink ~ Opalescent Feldspar

One of my very favorite all purpose stones, I tend to wear Moonstone daily and love working with this stone.  Moonstone is connected to all lunar phases but is especially magikally potent during the Waxing Moon. It's energy is receptive and love-drawing. The balancing, introspective and reflective energy of this stone can facilitate changes in life on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  It is a stone of "new beginnings".  It is a stone for hoping and wishing allowing one to absorb what is "needed" from the universe, but not necessarily furthering what is "wanted".  It stimulates confidence and composure during difficult situations.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Mother of Pearl (Muscovite)

Protection ~ Calming ~ Healing ~ Wealth

Chakra – NA| Deity - Ho Hsien Ku  | Element – Water ~ Akasha | Energy – Receptive | Planet – Moon, Neptune | Zodiac – NA | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary NA | Typical Colors - White ~ Cream ~ Black ~ Beige ~ Iridescent ~ Can be dyed many colors

Mother of Pearl or Muscovite comes from the interior of various sea mollusks. It holds the calming and healing power of the sea.  It allows one to express love freely.  It is often carved into ritual or decorative items. Though not a stone, I am including it here for it has been utilitzed in ritual magicfor ages  Caution:  If you plan to use it in ritual collect it yourself from rivers or oceans.  Commercially available Muscovite is harvested by killing the living mollusk, so it is risky to use it in rituals.  


Metaphysical Characteristics of Obsidian (Volcanic Glass)

Purification ~ Grounding ~ Divination ~ Peace ~ Manifestation

Chakra – Base | Deity - Ereshkigal  | Element – Earth ~ Fire | Energy – Projective | Planet – Saturn | Zodiac – Varies | Birthstone - NA | Anniversary NA | Typical Colors - Several - see below

Obsidian is lustrous naturally occurring volcanic glass.  The color range and related names are many and varied.  The ancient Aztecs fashioned mirrors of Obsidian for divination through scrying.  Carry this stone for protection and in protection rituals.  To use for it's grounding effects place a small piece of polished stone under your bare feet for a short time each day. Surround a white candle with 4 black obsidian arrowheads one pointing in each of the 4 (East, West, South, North) directions and burn each day.  This provides protection from all directions.  Leave set up when not burning for potent protective energy.  

Varieties of Obsidian

Apache Tear:  Color - Partially Translucent Black to Solid Black | Root Chakra | Element - Earth & Fire | Zodiac - Aries &  Capricorn | Clarity ~ Grounding ~ Protection ~ Physic Protection

Blue Obsidian:  Throat Chakra | Zodiac - Aquarius | Communication ~ Astral Travel ~ Mental Clarity 

Blue/Green Obsidian:  Heart & Throat Chakras | Zodiac - Scorpio | Energy Transfer ~ Heart Communication 

Electric Blue Sheen Obsidian:  Third Eye Chakra | Zodiac - Sagittarius | Divination ~ Patience ~ Tolerance ~ Psychic Communication ~ Brightens Energies ~ Healing 

Green Obsidian:  Heart Chakra | Zodiac - Gemini | Emotional Cleansing ~ Openness ~ Removes/Protects from "Psychic Cords" ~ Enhances Well Being

Mahogany Obsidian:  Zodiac - Libra | Emotional & Spiritual Growth ~ Eliminates Energy Blockages ~ Relieves Tension

Purple Obsidian:  Crown Chakra | Zodiac - Virgo | Spiritual Awareness ~ Connects Intelligence with Intuition ~ Introspection ~ Clairvoyance 

Purple Sheen Obsidian:  Third Eye Chakra | Zodiac - Sagittarius | Clarity ~ Problem Solving ~ Confidence ~ Healing  

Rainbow Obsidian:  Heart Chakra | Zodiac - Libra | Love ~ Etheric Development ~ Enjoyment ~ Gratification

Red Obsidian:  Heart Chakra | Zodiac - Leo | Balances Female/Male Energies ~ Attracts Gentleness to Transition ~ Awakens Dormant Qualities

Red & Black Obsidian:  Base Chakra & *Kundalini | Zodiac - Leo & Sagittarius | Stirs the Flame of the Spirit ~ Initiates Rise of *Kundalini ~ Contentedness ~ Vitality 

Red, Black & Snowflake Obsidian:  Crown Chakra | Zodiac - Sagittarius | Enhances Energy Fields ~ Stabilizes the Movement of *Kundalini ~ Gentleness 

Silver Sheen Obsidian:  Zodiac - Sagittarius | Healing ~ Divination~ Luck ~ Personal Actualization ~ Connects Physical and Astral Bodies

Snowflake Obsidian: Heart Chakra | Zodiac - Virgo | Love ~ Happiness ~ Purity ~ Balance 

*Kundalini is a mystical power located at the base of the spine, sometimes called "the serpent power".  It is a feminine force connected with Mother Earth.  It is believed that whether we are aware of this power or not, everything we do we are only able to do thanks to Kundalini; and that the main reason we are here on Earth is to learn to control and raise Kundalini to expand up the spine. As it rises, it activates all chakras. All positive spiritual practice, religion, worship and unselfishness can bring about rising Kundalini.  



Metaphysical Characteristics of Onyx

Strength ~ Perception ~ Protection ~ Stamina ~ Defensive Majik ~ Banishes Greif 

Chakra – Base ~ Heart | Deity - Mars  | Element – Fire ~ Earth | Energy – Projective | Planet – Mars ~ Saturn | Zodiac – Gemini ~ Leo | Birthstone - August | Anniversary - 7th | Typical Colors - Black, Gray, White, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Green

Onyx is mainly thought of as being black in color, but as it is a variety of Chalcedony, there are various colors.  Onyx is a protective stone when facing adversity or battles of any kind.  In ancient majik ritual Onyx was carved with the god Mars or Hercules to be carried for courage.  Onyx promotes self confidence, and helps one be at ease in their surroundings.  Onyx can also quell sexual desire when one is not able to control it physically, or in risky sexual situations.  To re-stimulate desire again when it is appropriate a diamond or carnelian should do the trick.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Opal

Astral Projection ~ Psychism ~ Beauty ~ Money ~ Luck ~ Power ~ Love ~ Loyalty ~ Happy Dreams ~  Acceptance ~ Spiritual Growth

Chakra – Varies on variety | Deity - Cupid  | Element – All | Energy – Projective & Receptive | Planet – All  | Zodiac – Cancer ~ Libra ~ Scorpio ~ Pisces | Birthstone - October | Anniversary - 14 th | Typical Colors - MANY Variations

Opals come in so many varieties, it is impossible to list them all here. I do encourage you to pick your favorite and then research it specifically to be sure it has the metaphysical properties you are seeking. The color of an Opal is determined by its crystallization process. Under the electron microscope the precious opal is seen as great many spheres stacked one on another uniformly, with space in between.  This space or cavities are what provides diffraction of light and the wonderful colors for which precious opals are known.  Opals without these colors (potch/common opal) contain spheres that are not stacked in an orderly fashion.


Buyer Beware!

Opalite is a man made glass substance sometimes called Tiffany Stone, Opalized Fluorite or Purple Opal. Do not mistake it for real opal or moonstone.


Pearl & Black Onyx Necklace by FMJ

Metaphysical Characteristics of  Pearl

Innocence ~ Concentration ~ Purity ~ Tranquility ~ Wisdom ~ Power ~ Protection ~ Calming ~ 

Chakra – 3rd Eye | Deity -  Multiple  | Element – Water ~ Akasha | Energy  ~ Receptive | Planet – Moon  | Zodiac – Gemini ~ Cancer | Birthstone - June | Anniversary - 30th | Typical Colors - Multiple

A pearl's appearance within an oyster has inspired religious and magical lore for centuries.  When deciding to use pearls in magic remember the pearl is a product of a living being which must be killed to retrieve the pearl.  Mystically, pearls symbolize the Moon, water, the center of creation and the universe. Virtually all pearls now are cultured.  Naturally occurring pearls are no longer available, except those 100 or more years old. Fresh water and sea pearls have virtually the same characteristics.  

Black/Blue Tinted Pearls are thought to bring luck to the owner. ~ Pink Pearls are worn to manifest a comfortable and leisurely life. ~ Yellow Pearls bring wealth.


Metaphysical Characteristics of  Peridot

Protection  ~ Health ~ Wealth ~ Sleep ~ Healing ~ Comfort ~ Intuition ~ Growth

Chakra – Solar Plexus ~ Heart | Deity - Pele |  Element – Earth | Energy  ~ Receptive | Planet – Venus ~ Mercury  | Zodiac – Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius | Birthstone - August | Anniversary - 16th | Typical Colors - Olive Green, Bottle Green, Yellow-Green

Peridot, also known as Chrysolite is a variety of Olivine.  To be most effective Peridot is set in Gold to provide a fine protective amulet.  Peridot is an impressive cleansing stone, releasing toxins on all levels.  Opens the mind to new experiences and enhances new levels of awareness.  


Metaphysical Characteristics of  Petrified Wood

Longevity ~ Past Life Regression ~ Security ~ Healing ~ Protection ~ Transformation ~ Stability 

Chakra - Root~ 3rd Eye  | Deity - Mother Goddess ~ Tara |  Element – Earth ~ Akasha | Energy  ~ Receptive | Planet –  | Zodiac – Leo  | Birthstone - | Anniversary - | Typical Colors - Browns, Reds, Blues - depending on minerals

Petrified Wood comes from trees that, long ago were covered with mineral rich water. The water dissolved the wood and replaced it with various minerals.  Petrified Wood is carried as a protective amulet and thought to "scare off evil". It sets up barriers of energy that deflect negativity.  It is also carried as a protection charm against drowning. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Pyrite

Channeling ~ Intelligence ~ Logic ~ Creativity ~ Psychic Development ~ Protection

Chakra -   | Deity - |  Element – Fire ~ Earth | Energy  ~ Projective | Planet – Earth | Zodiac – Leo  | Birthstone -  | Anniversary - | Typical Colors - Gold, Brass Yellow

Pyrite is a very strong protection stone and shields and protects against negative vibes and energy, on the physical, etheric and emotional levels. An excellent stone to have in possession when doing dangerous work.  Pyrite is also known as Fool's Gold.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Rhodocrosite

Energy ~ Peace ~ Harmony ~ Love ~ Compassion ~ Healing ~ Kindness ~ Self Love

Chakra - Heart  | Deity - Liira |  Element – Fire| Energy  ~ Projective | Planet – Mars | Zodiac – Leo ~ Scorpio  | Birthstone -  | Anniversary - | Typical Colors - Red, Pink, Rose

Rhodocrosite is carried or worn to lend extra energy during times of fatigue or physical activity.  Also a very soothing stone, add it to your bath or wear while bathing.  


Metaphysical Characteristics of Rhodonite

Peace ~ Clarity ~ Calmness ~ Balance ~ Tact ~ Elegance

Chakra - Heart  | Deity - Liira |  Element – Earth| Energy  ~ Projective | Planet – Mars ~ Venus | Zodiac – Taurus | Birthstone -  | Anniversary - | Typical Colors - Red, Pink, Brown/Red, Grey

A great stone for public speaking, Rhodonite calms, casts off confusion, doubt and incoherence.  It is a very grounding and balancing stone, aiding in cases of emotional self destruction, abuse and codependency.  Promotes calm in dangerous or high anxiety situations. 


Metaphysical Characteristics of Ruby

Wealth ~ Protection ~ Power ~ Joy ~ Integrity ~ Courage ~ Passion ~ Calm Dreams

Chakra - Heart ~ Base  | Deity - Buddha ~ Krishna | Element – Fire| Energy  ~ Projective | Planet – Sun | Zodiac – Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius | Birthstone - July | Anniversary - 40th | Typical Colors - Red, Pink

Ruby is known for inspiration and motivational properties.  It brings joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage.  Balances the heart and also a promotes positive dreams.  It is said dreaming of Rubies indicates good fortune in manners of wealth and business. In the home Ruby guards against storms and negativity, especially if touched to the 4 corners of the house beforehand.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Sapphire

Psychism ~ Love ~ Meditation ~ Peace ~ Defensive Magic ~ Healing ~ Power ~ Money ~ Loyalty ~ Memory

Chakra - Throat  | Deity - Apollo | Element – Water| Energy  ~ Receptive | Planet – Saturn | Zodiac – Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius | Birthstone - September | Anniversary - 5th | Typical Colors - Light to Dark Blue

Sapphire is worn to stimulate the third eye for psychic awareness since the ancient Greek practices.  Sapphire is a guardian of love, promoting fidelity and attuning the feelings between lovers. Once thought to scare devils and evil away it has been used heavily in rituals and defensive magic. 

An ancient work by Bartholmaeus says:  "Also wytches love well this stone, for the wene that they may werke certen wonderes by vertue of this stone."

Being my birthstone it is my personal favorite! 

** For details on other colors of Sapphire I recommend:  LOVE IS IN THE EARTH by Melody page 584-589 **


Metaphysical Characteristics of Sardonyx

Romance ~ Fortune ~ Stamina ~ Creativity ~ Friendship ~ Luck ~ Virtue ~ Protection ~ Courage

Chakra - Base  | Deity -  | Element – Fire | Energy  ~ Projective | Planet – Mars | Zodiac – Aries ~ Leo | Birthstone - August | Anniversary -  | Typical Colors - Black, Brown, Clear, Red, Multi

Sardonyx is chalcedony layered with brown sard. It is used in protection rituals and to promote courage. In ancient Rome Sardonyx was carved with the faces of Hercules or Mars for this purpose.  Popular with those who practice law for it's properties of eloquence.


Metaphysical Characteristics of Seraphinite

Spirit Communication ~ Self Healing ~ Enlightenment ~ Cleanses Aura

Chakra - Heart  | Deity -  | Element – Fire | Energy  ~ Receptive | Planet – | Zodiac – Sagittarius | Birthstone - | Anniversary -  | Typical Colors -  Blackish Green, Blueish Green, Yellow Green, w/ Inclusions of iridescent silver

Seraphinite cleanses the auras and promotes living from the heart.  It balances and activates all chakras and is excellent for self healing.