The Magic of Jewelry

Jewelry has been worn since ancient times and it's origins lie in magic.  Worn to avert negativity ~ then envisioned as "evil spirits" ~ jewelry was often buried with people to protect them. With the sharpened perception of the energies within objects certain stones and metals were associated with various organs/systems in the body and were worn to guard health. Jewelry has also been used in rites and rituals for thousands of years. 


The ring, a circle, is symbolic of unity, eternity, reincarnation and the universe. In earlier times rings were associated with the Sun and the Moon.  Rings have a binding or restricting quality and so many priests of various deities would remove them before rituals.  This binding quality is what has made the symbolism of the wedding ring strong through the ages. 


Necklaces have much of the same powers of the ring as it is essentially a large ring worn around the neck.  Since necklaces are worn near the heart they can be utilized to affect emotions and to attract or strengthen love.  In Wicca necklaces are often worn to represent reincarnation and the Goddess.  Since wearing a necklace of stones binds the stones'energy to you it is much more powerful than a single stone.


Once worn to guard one's ears from negativity and disease, earrings have been worn since ancient times.  Through the centuries piercing has had different meanings to different cultures, both aesthetically and for and during rituals.  It is also believed that pierced ears are effective for weak eyesight.  Wearing gold earrings has been said to ward off migraines, although some say one gold and one silver earring is more effective.