Stone Colors & Meanings 

The colors of stones are a vital clue to unlocking their magical uses.  Colors carry energies that can directly effect our minds and emotions.  This is evidenced in other areas such as -  prisons painting cells pink to calm angry people and hospitals painting surgery and recovery rooms blue to promote healing.  The old magical systems of of color are starting to be recognized and accepted more and more by  traditional medicine today.

Below I will outline the basic colors of stones as well as their magical/metaphysical properties. There is no doubt that stones are powerful, and so we must be knowledgeable about them, in harmony with them and in touch with our own bodies for this magic to be effective. 

RED - Color of birth, blood, and death. Red stones are projective and active. They are related to the planet Mars and the element of Fire, both aggressive energies.  Red is used to promote courage, strengthen the body and increase will power.  Red stones are used to promote courage and lend energy to the body.  They also provide extra power to rituals when placed on the alter.  In healing, red stones are linked strongly to blood. Often worn to aleviate anemia, halt bleeding and heal wounds.  Red stones were once carried to prevent miscarriage.  Red stones can be used to alleviate sexual dysfunction, when placed on the genitals while visualizing. 

Pink - Pink stones are packed with loving vibrations.  They are receptive, calming, soothing and are used to relax the body as well as the mind and heart. Thought to be ruled by Venus, pink stones are used to attract or strengthen love, including self love. Promoting peace, happiness, joy & laughter, they stimulate the lighter emotions and help attract friends.  As they encourage openness to others, they are ideal to use in group rituals. 

Orange - Although orange stones have some of the properties of red ones, they are different and gentler in their effects.  Orange stones are projective and often seen as symbols of the Sun. They are ideal for use in protective rituals.  Orange stones are related to personal power. They will enhance you ability to tap into and direct this energy during magical rites. 

Yellow - Yellow stones and minerals are projective. Ruled by Mercury, they are used in rituals of communication.  If you are having communication issues, wear a yellow stone. Writers may find they help with their work and public speakers wear them for eloquence. Yellow stones are also ruled by the Sun, and are protective and when used with the element air they can be used to strengthen the conscious mind. During magical ritual they can heighten visualization abilities. Also useful for spells involving travel. In health, yellow stones are used to promote digestion, regulate the nervous system and for skin problems.  Yellow stones are stones of movement, exchange, energy and mental awareness. 

Green - The color of nature, fertility, of life.  Green is often linked to red in religion and magic (ie. Christmas red & green).  Green stones are receptive and are used in healing magic. Carry them to guard health. Ruled by Venus, green stones can be worn or placed in the earth while gardening to promote luxurious growth. They are also thought to promote human fertility and therefore, to promote conception. Green stones are grounding and balancing stones that can be worn to better attune the wearer with the earth. 

Blue - Blue is the color of the ocean, of sleep and twilight.  Ruled by element water and the planet Neptune, blue stones are receptive and promote peace.  They calm nerves and encourage sleep and halt nightmares.  Blue stones are healing.  Specifically for fevers, ulcers and inflammation.  They are sometimes held to reduce body pain. Blue stones are purifying, especially when worn during bathing to purify your inner and outer being.

Purple - Purple or indigo colored stones are receptive and spiritual.  They have long been associated with mysticism and purification.  They are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.  Wear them for meditation, psychic work, or any ritual designed to contact the sub-conscience mind. Purple is a color of healing and peace.  They are utilized to relieve head pain, mental illness, concussion and hair problems. Mainly purple stones are worn to contact higher powers and are also used in organized religions.

White - White stones are ruled by the Moon and they are receptive.  Linked with sleep and psychism, protection after dark.  Some consider white stones to be able to substitute for any other color stone and this can be done by visualization.  White stones can be helpful for headaches and also promote lactation.

Black - Black stones are receptive. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction,  they represent the earth and stability. Black stones are symbolic of self-control, resilience, and quiet power. Although seen as protective, black stones are more often used to "earth" a person.  If you are light headed, dizzy, or confused wear black stones.  Black is the color of the outer spaces and absence of light and so have folklore connections to magic rites of invisibility. 

Multicolored - Stones that have several colors are more complex in their metaphysical make up than single color stones. Combine the colors and each of their properties to determine the stone's use.